Biography Biografia

Milly Quezada, a.k.a “Queen of Merengue” at home and around the world was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on May 21st. Her parents and four siblings immigrated to the city of New York during the early 70′s where she studied High School and graduated Cum Laude in 1982 from City College of New York with a Communications & Mass Media degree.

Milly’s musical inclinations manifested in the streets of her community, Washington Heights in New York City and she, along with her four siblings and soon-to-be husband Rafael Vasquez, formed the group “Milly Jocelyn & Los Vecinos” in 1975. The musical contributions made by the group during the 70′s and throughout the 80′s made musical history with international hits such as “La Guacherna,” “Volvio Juanita,” “Tengo” and many more. The group’s unique style ~ Female vocalists performing the male-dominated rhythm of Merengue~ earned them a rightful place in the history of popular music of the Dominican Republic. Worldwide known Merengues including “Amanecemos Parrandeando” and “La Que Me Robo Tu Amor” in addition to their elegance in style and stage performances took them on worldwide tours that earned them countless international awards and made their performing style a “first” on many levels. They were first to perform live Merengue in Tokyo, Japan in 1990 and 1992; they were first Dominican orchestra to perform in a USA Inaugural Gala, to George Bush Sr. in the 1990 election, and ” Milly & Los Vecinos pioneered the road that other female Merengue artists –nationals as well as foreign– have embarked upon successfully..

Milly is a multi-Latin Grammy Award Winner for the 2003 “Pienso Asi” CD produced by Puertorrican Salsa Legend, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and for the 2006 “MQ” CD produced by Dominican artist, Ramon Orlando Valoy. Equally important have been her own country’s highest honor, The Cassandra “Soberano” Award as well as being distinguished on several Billboard Awards, Premios Lo Nuestro, “ACE” Award and “Globo” Award in New York City and a special recognition from the Senate of Puerto Rico for 20 years of distinguished musical accomplishments in La Isla del Encanto. The New York Mayor’s Office under Michael Bloomberg, dedicated November 8th as “Milly Quezada’s day” in honor of her major contributions to the Latin Music Industry. Her Homeland Dominican Republic’s Senate as well as the past two Presidents of her country have honored her at the Presidential Palace for her prolific career that has projected her as an iconic ambassador of the cultural value exalted by her fine performance of the country’s popular Merengue music.

The passing away in 1996 of her husband, producer and Orchestra Manager, Rafael Vasquez marked the turning point of her life which led the way to her solo career beyond 1997 that has produced the multiple career achievements and national and international recognitions.. Her impressive discography includes 30 productions recorded under various labels, during the past thirty distinguished years, the latest of which is “AQUI ESTOY YO,” for VENEMUSIC with featured artists JUAN LUIS GUERRA, TITO NIEVES, AND VICTOR MANUEL is currently among the 10 best selling CD’s in the Billboard’s Tropical Charts which places it in the top ten best selling productions in 2011. In 2007 Milly debuted as supporting actress in a major motion picture, YUNIOL 2, written produced and directed by Alfonso Rodriguez with raving reviews of her role as “Tata” and earning her the first Best Supporting Actress Cassandra Award in 2007. HBO Latino in New York acclaimed YUNIOL 2 and showcased it to raving reviews in a special HBO screening in New York as part of the 2007 International Film Festival.